Full Moon Fever: A Tom Petty Tribute by Glitter Rose

The passing of Tom Petty was the saddest artist's death for me, so much so that I was in shock and did not want to accept the truth, for a good 3-4 days. Yet the truth was that he had passed on, and I was heartbroken. For so many reasons, one being I never, EVER got to see him perform live. As a kid, I went to the record store and bought Tom Petty cassettes, played them front to back over and over, particularly Full Moon Fever. He was my favorite chill California rocker, and has been one of my biggest musical influences over the 20 years I've written music. 

In honor of Petty, and in conjunction with The Ice House in Pasadena, I will be doing "Full Moon Fever: A Tom Petty Tribute by Glitter Rose" Thursday, June 28th! The Ice House is legendary for the plethora of star comedians that have graced it's stages, but the venue once hosted many musical acts as well and Bob and I got to talking about how it would be nice to see some music come back through on these amazing stages. So here we go! 

This night will include special guests! I will be accompanied by some of my favorite musicians I've had the honor of performing with over the years. 

Tickets for this show are available now at IceHouseComedy.com - use promo code GLITTER for $2 off per ticket! 

I hope to see some of you at the show! If you're a Petty fan and in the area, IT'S A MUST! We are going to have so much fun and I'm excited to perform some of my favorite music for all of you, as well as some originals that are heavily influenced by the man himself. 

This will also be my last hoorah before GETTING MARRIED!!!! So let's party on kids! See you there and as always, Rock on! 


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