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“Glitter Rose is one of the most energetic, passionate and talented performers I’ve seen in years! Her incredible stage presence is only trumped by her sincere kindness and professionalism. Her ability to write songs that meld country and rock with catchy pop hooks is unparalleled. Glitter is truly a remarkable talent and she will continue to be at the top of my list of my favorite artists to work with!” Get great bonuses on the site with sloturi online. Limited offer.
-Alison Maas 
Los Angeles Marketing Professional 

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“Glitter Rose is one of the most well-rounded emerging artists in music today. She’s one of the most entertaining live performers and more importantly, her music is liked by people of all ages including kids as young as 3 years old to seniors. If you’re a fan of Country and Rock, Dead or Alive is right in between and doesn’t have a bad song in it. I see her career really taking off in the coming months. You'll find the best 50 freispiele ohne einzahlung here, you have time to get it!” 
-Mikey Jayy 
Executive Producer 
Artists in Music Awards 

"With the talent, the look, and the class befitting a future superstar, we at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik are behind GR 1000%!!!! We have watched this Rose bloom into an amazing flower of musical expression, and continue to watch her explode. Her path to greatness will be paved by not only deserving talent, but by an unmatched work ethic and drive." 
-Jason Scheuner 
Artist Liaison 
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik 
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"Glitter Rose combines down-to-earth storytelling with kick-ass, passionate performances. Country, rock, blues - label it what you want - just make sure you go see her." 
-Zoe Thrall 
Studio at the Palms 

" There are three key elements one must possess to succeed in music. One is star power.  Another is talent. The final ingredient, and this is a big one, is the ease with which an artist is to work with. Glitter Rose has all three, not to mention incredible musical material." 
-Al Bowman 
Founder / Executive Producer 
Los Angeles Music Awards 



California born and Texas raised songwriter, singer and musician Glitter Rose started her musical journey in 1997 at 12 years old, discovering her calling as a performer and songwriter. Glitter started recording albums, performing live, and lived the music business through her teens, spanning from country to pop to rock. 

One of Glitter's first projects was her rock band Hollywood High. They received much recognition and attention in the industry which forced a move to Los Angeles in 2004, where the band was voted Outstanding New Artist in the Los Angeles Music Awards and opened for acts like KISS and Aerosmith, grabbing the attention of Hollywood Records.

Glitter was asked to change her style of music from interested music industry professionals, and not ready for that kind of change, she respectfully declined the offers and focused on honing her songwriting and guitar playing skills as a solo artist. Glitter moved back to North Texas and in 2007, released her album Southern Comfort. The album led to 12 major endorsements, including Telefunken Elektroakustik, Gibson Acoustic, Fishman Music and Orange Amps, to name a few, and in 2011, Glitter started recording her 2nd solo album Dead or Alive and relocated back to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles again was good to GR, as she starred in and hosted a 20 week residency with Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood for an event titled Southern Rock Brunch. Following that, GR released her music video Buda Negra, which won Best Music Video on 3 platforms. She then wrote the title track for the independent feature film American Girl, directed by Amy Campione. Glitter was also an associate producer on the film and makes a cameo appearance. The next year, Glitter co-wrote a track with bassist Stu Hamm and guitarist Kim SeHwang for a Korean film titled The Technicians which was a box office smash in both China and Korea. In the same year, GR was Music Director and Co-Composer for How To: The Musical which was a 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles. Glitter released her 3rd album Outlaw In Love in 2016 and also received her first television placement with Fire Hazard Production on a track called "Freeze Time" which was featured on Bad Girls Club. 

Glitter is currently the host of Country Girls Shake It! A country revue, starring all-star musicians Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Lynch Mob), Arnie Newman (Arnie Newman Band), and more, brought to you by Sterling Venue Ventures. She has made a home in Pasadena, CA and is contemplating an original country album of GR fan favorites that have never been recorded. 

GR on the inspiration for "Outlaw In Love" (2015)

Award Winning Music Video "Buda Negra" (2013)

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