Glitter Rose combines down-to-earth storytelling with kick-ass, passionate performances. Country, rock, blues - label it what you want - just make sure you go see her.”

Zoe Thrall, Director - Studio at the PALMS

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Glitter Rose....

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California born and Texas raised songwriter, singer and musician Glitter Rose started her musical journey in 1997 at 12 years old, discovering her calling as a performer and songwriter. Glitter started recording albums, performing live, and lived the music business through her teens, spanning from country to pop to rock. 

One of Glitter's first projects was her rock band Hollywood High. They received much recognition and attention in the industry which forced a move to Los Angeles in 2004, where the band was voted Outstanding New Artist in the Los Angeles Music Awards and opened for acts like KISS and Aerosmith, grabbing the attention of Hollywood Records.

Glitter was asked to change her style of music from interested music industry professionals, and not ready for that kind of change, she respectfully declined the offers and focused on honing her songwriting and guitar playing skills as a solo artist. Glitter moved back to North Texas and in 2007, released her album Southern Comfort. The album led to 12 major endorsements, including Telefunken Elektroakustik, Gibson Acoustic, Fishman Music and Orange Amps, to name a few, and in 2011, Glitter started recording her 2nd solo album Dead or Alive and relocated back to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles again was good to GR, as she starred in and hosted a 20 week residency with Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood for an event titled Southern Rock Brunch. Following that, GR released her music video Buda Negra, which won Best Music Video on 3 platforms. She then wrote the title track for the independent feature film American Girl, directed by Amy Campione. Glitter was also an associate producer on the film and makes a cameo appearance. The next year, Glitter co-wrote a track with bassist Stu Hamm and guitarist Kim SeHwang for a Korean film titled The Technicians which was a box office smash in both China and Korea. In the same year, GR was Music Director and Co-Composer for How To: The Musical which was a 48 Hour Film Project in Los Angeles. Glitter released her 3rd album Outlaw In Love in 2016 and also received her first television placement with Fire Hazard Production on a track called "Freeze Time" which was featured on Bad Girls Club. 

Glitter had the honor of opening for Brad Paisley at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA in November 2017. She has made a home in Southern CA and is writing material for a film, tv, other artists and her own new EP, working with an array of producers to collaborate more and experiment with different sounds. 

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Photo by Lyd & Mo Photography

Photo by Lyd & Mo Photography

Photo by Lyd & Mo Photography

Photo by Lyd & Mo Photography

Photo by Lyd & Mo Photography

Photo by Lyd & Mo Photography

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